The CPU & GPU is the part of the gaming machine which you will not replace every few months. That is why; you have to conduct your due diligence thoroughly before choosing. That is what we will help you with today. We will follow that up with a buying guide that can help you understand the parameters to check while choosing one.

Do You Need a Good CPU For Gaming?

A good CPU is essential for gaming. Without it, you cannot process all the details of the game, and there will be a lag. On the other hand, when going for a heavy-duty gaming CPU, you can be sure that parallel processing capability will be available. It will also ensure that even the ultra-HD graphics can be processed quickly. The frame rate which it can deliver will also be on the higher side. That is why it is a necessity.

So, when you’re looking for the best CPU for gaming, these are the 8 options which you should consider. We have taken into account various specifications while grading these gaming CPUs. Only after careful consideration and deliberation, we have compiled this list of 8 best gaming CPUs on offer. When you choose from this list, not only you will save hours on research, but also you can get the best gaming CPUs on offer.

Do You Need a Good GPU For Gaming?

You do, need a dedicated GPU for playing calculation-intensive modern 3D titles in all their silky smooth glory. Want to play Skyrim with dozens of mods and add-ons while still enjoying butter smooth travel through the fantasy realm? You need a decent dedicated GPU. Want to buy any top-tier title that comes out this year and enjoy stutter-free playback on your new 4K monitor? You need a great dedicated GPU.

Graphics cards are useful for some non-gamers, too. If you do a lot of photo editing (not just cropping and fixing the white balance type stuff, but intense Photoshop work), video editing, or any kind of rendering (3D art, design, etc.), then you’ll certainly get a boost from a dedicated GPU. Tasks in Photoshop like filter application, warping/transforming, and so on, all benefit from the extra power a GPU provides.